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Aesthetics of Hate


The word “hate” automatically conjures up thoughts of negativity. It’s not just commonly perceived but always taken as a negative emotion or attitude. Hate can be just as useful as thinking that everything is sunshine and rainbows. Like telling a child “Your rubber and they are glue” all the hate bounces off of you. Instead of letting it bounce off into obscurity. Absorb it. Embrace it. Store it. Get comfortable around it. Let it take up residents in the back of your mind till its needed.

Positivity and hate go hand in hand. Two unstable chemicals that once combined give you perfect balance and calm. Imagine a clear glass bottle. Everyday there are little drops of black hate and negativity slowly trickling into the bottom. Falling from the sky of your surrounding environment. Drops turn into substantial amount over time as notoriety and notice rises. Hand in hand they rise. Popularity and negativity. Success and begrudgery. Before you know it, your tiny glass bottle has become full. The over flowing bottle of hate has been submerged. It’s everywhere you look and everywhere you turn. Hate.

Find insipiration with fresh bodybuilding supplements from Bodybuilding promo code Bite your tongue. Keep everything you hear and read stored. Calmly absorb every ounce of negativity you receive. Put it in the back of your mind. Every hateful word targeted at you. Every stone that’s cast in your direction. Every obstacle that’s cynically placed in front of you. Save it for that special occasion when it’s needed. Like you have been saving your entire life. Your nest egg and piggy bank of vile spew you’ve had to endure at the hands of those trying to dismantle you. Trying to get you to conform to their ideology of how the world works. At least how they see it through rose-tinted glass.

Picture that moment. The moment where you have to dig down deep. The moment where its you or the task at hand. Somethings got to give. Its a level playing field and battle ground in your mind. Do you quit and walk away? That is what every fibre of your being is screaming for. This is the precise moment you ask that corner of your mind the same question. “Do I stop right now and leave?” Allow the thoughts and the memories of every time you were forcefully made to question yourself flood in. Allow every moment you were made feel uncomfortable in your own skin due to the words of the false and naysayers. Before you know it, your drive, determination and the fire in the pit of your stomach is fueled and blazing even stronger than mere moments ago. Your teeth are grit so hard and fierce you could summon the force to bite through titanium. Your focus is sniper like. You will only be satisfied with success and annihilation of your chosen target.

It is in these moments and glimmers of success that hate and positivity work in tandem to create something of prosperity. When the negativity you have had to endure for a period of time can be used to fertilise something far greater and more progressive than before. You and your mind can turn the common perception of hate into what can further push you in the correct direction.

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