Masters Of Our Own Destiny



Sit down for a minute. Ask yourself…Am I happy with my life?? If your answer is no, why fucking not??

Two recent incidents have brought home the stark reality of how futile most peoples existence on this earth are. Too lazy and uncaring to take their own lives by the proverbial balls and do something with it.

The first, and this isn’t an isolated incident, was while talking to a friend about his recent holiday, a 3 week holiday at that, he told me he was dreading being home and going back to work. I too recently had a holiday abroad, and by the end of the week I couldn’t wait to get home and get back to my life. MY life. I am very happy with my day to day living, I don’t feel the need to escape. I have actively pursued steps to live my life, the way I want on my own terms. Almost all resort to drink and drugs, constantly wishing for holidays, to escape what I can only presume must be a fairly shitty existence if they are constantly looking to escape it. 

The 2nd incident was a trip to a hospitals A&E dept. Now while I will agree, the health service in this country is a disgrace and the service is shocking, I do not put the blame on the staff, its mostly down the disgraceful government funding leading to these hospitals being under staffed. The blame also lies with us!!! Looking around I couldn’t help but notice how unhealthy all around me looked. ( now im well aware people in hospitals are there because they are unhealthy) but my point being is that there is chronic states of ill health among most of our nation. Ill health caused by very poor lifestyles. Awful nutrition habits, lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking , drug use. Again, something we have vast control of. If we actually took a proactive outlook towards our health I guarantee waiting lists and deaths from a lot of modern day diseases will be reduced by up to 50%.

The whole point of this, is that we control our lives. Nobody else. Yes, there will always be outside factors that will affect our decision making and journeys but ultimately, we control our own destiny in life. So ask yourself, are you happy with your life?? If you answer no, why not?? Changes it!! It may not happen overnight but you can push your life in almost any direction you choose.


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Addressing Negativity

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Negativity; a person or thing that refuses or denies, is not positive or neutral and always attracted to that which is positively charged. Thus by virtue of physics, that, or those who are positive, will inevitably attract negativity.

In my retrospective of Bluntforce Bodybuilding since its inception in 2012, I have witnessed, from afar, it’s growth in popularity in the shadow of another fitness related website in Ireland aswel as in populous with people I’ve gotten to know and who’s positivity is unshakeable. I’m writing this article having spent a weekend with a number of members of the Bluntforce team, members I am proud to call friends,  a team which has become a beacon for all that are positive in the Irish fitness industry.

Accomplishments mean nothing to me, although I do believe in judging people. You show me a person who doesn’t cast judgement and I’ll show you a liar. It’s healthy to judge, it’s a simple human process. If you’re a good person you shouldn’t fear judgement, if you’re a confident one, it shouldn’t bother you, and if you’re successful you should expect it. I judge people on how they treat others, and national titles mean zip if you’re a prick. I’ve seen wave after wave of negative opinions crash off of Bluntforce shores and believe me, we’ve laughed at all of you. My use of the English language at the beginning of this article was to sway these ‘haters’ back to their crayons. I write this article with an obvious chip on my shoulder towards the negative, albeit illiterate, Facebook haters of this website and it’s team.

Bodybuilding itself is comprehensively positive, both physically and emotionally. In my own experience, I have never emerged from a sparring session or a hard session in the weight room wanting a row with somebody. It’s funny, I used to hear members of the Bluntforce team harp on about a rival website in the country, about how Bluntforce was bigger & better, when in reality it may not have been and in my opinion wasn’t. Since then however, I haven’t heard it’s misleading name mentioned once, seeing as it is most definitely now, in our wake. I understand that there can be no positive without negativity, just know that once you stick your oar in, it will be cast out, and you will follow it, albeit a little more dusted up. The only way is forward.


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Your training hard, eating less exercising more ….How’s that working out for you??
Doing it all right but feeling any of these? 

Fatigue, low energy, low sex drive, gaining weight, cravings ……

I could go on and on, yep just like you an alarming percentage of regular gym goers have been in this roundabout for many years. while seeking the physique they desire so badly , 

I blame social media for a lot of this of late , but the magazines etc. on the news stand have been bombarding you with ridiculous quick fix diets over and over for years, 

Exercise more eat less does not work , period !! 
Yes you may lose some weight initially but where do you go from there when it stops , more cardio less food ? I’m not signing up for that one , THE ALL PAIN NO GAIN PROGRAMME ……

Yet your physique doesn’t change , have you questioned why ….???? 

I despise the word “diet”……you need to focus on establishing a healthy balanced diet , rich in calories and nutrients right across the board , it’s a lifestyle your taking on not a diet….

Your digging a route one hole to metabolic hell , and no it’s not your thyroid , yes you may have down regulated its function from depriving your body from the calories it needs for survival , but this can be reversed without medication despite what your medical professional will tell you as he prescribes thyroxine and other meds , 

You need to rebuild your metabolism through your nutrition , not pills !! 

Ok so how do you do so , or to put it simply do the exact opposite of what you have been conditioned to think ……EAT MORE TRAIN LESS ….. yes a coach just told you to do that, I repeat EAT MORE TRAIN LESS …….stop burying yourself deeper into caloric deficits 

1, Find where you are …(current caloric intake)
2, Find where you need to be …. (minimum level for survival or B.M.R basal metabolic rate)

For example , 
Female 75 kg or 165 lbs 
there are many calculations for bmr , easiest is to just add a zero to your b.w in lbs., 

So this female needs to ingest 1650kcals ……just for survival , 
She is currently eating 800….. this is average from my experience on a daily females intake, so she is operating at 50 % ……not exactly going to be able to perform at 100% …… which is required to get the dream physique …….

Ideally you will keep increasing until you will see a slight increase in weight you dont stop just at the bmr . if you can get in more cals , awesome even better , 

So we need to up her intake slowly , if you just straight off increase the intake, by 100% you will gain more weight, I would recommend a period of 6-8 weeks to step this up…..there should be zero weight gain here I would even expect a weight drop, but you will have twice the energy intake, watch performance now…..through the roof !!! 

Think of your metabolism as a furnace…..more fuel more flame, more energy more performance, better results as your body will now be utilising energy rather than storing it !! 

One of the quickest ways to get to this scenario is to go too low carb for too long, its destroying metabolisms , your trainer or coach should be able to guide you this process if they are still preaching low carb for life dump them …ASAP……

Sensible use of all the macronutrients is essential in the process of transformation . 

To wrap up 

EAT MORE LOOSE MORE!! Ditch the old school mentality of less is more, 
eat your way to the body you always wanted not starve 

To take the guess work out of this contact me on for more details on training packages. 

Im off to eat  :)

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